I am a car enthusiast working on restoring and modernizing an older car. In my relentless search for perfection in my projects I have stumbled upon true artwork from individual engineers and designers around the world who shared the passion about cars. While I was impressed by their creative spirit and their achievements, I was oftentimes unable to find a means to procure the parts or contact the designers.

I built this website with the hopes that I could help bridge the gap between the many unique inventions and designs from makers and inventors to manufacturing at any scale to make these great products available to people like me.

In my quest, I am joined by two experts in the realm of Intellectual Property and contract negotiation who share my respect for the inventors out there, as well as a desire to bring simplicity and openness to the table.

We offer a royalty based marketplace that connects inventors to manufacturers via easy to understand, configurable licenses, intended to cover most common needs, while offering assurances of fairness to both parties, as well as easy reporting and payment methods.

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